Unplug and play

Unplug and play

Unplug and play – Insight

People find screen based entertainment boring.

Playing games on TV or your iPad can be quite a solitary experience. Board games are a way to get people back together around a table for some fun.

Unplug and play is a sociable alternative to games on consoles, smartphones and tablets.

How Unplug and play works

Unplug and Play; a monthly event that invites anybody & everybody for an afternoon of fun music & board games. Our games include; scrabble, chess, monopoly, monopoly city, taboo, kenya @ 50, pictionary, cards against humanity, dirty minds, apple to apple, battle of the sexes, true or false, code names, 30 seconds, trivia pursuit, cranium, legendary – the mavericks game, mini jenga – drinking jenga, mini jenga – truth or dare, mini jenga, giant jenga, uno Stacko, uno cards, pocket cards, dominos, mind game, cluedo, twister, bean bag toss, ring toss, balloon burst¬†and tug of war. Everything in between, from beginners to seasoned gamers, we want everyone! We’re bring gaming back to the social events scene in East Africa. We’re getting people away from the TV and computers to play face to face.

At Unplug and play, we bring a whole host of games known and unknown for people to come unplug and play. Disconnect to reconnect.